What does aksharabhyas kit contain?

Aksharabhyas kit consists of 6(six) slates in grooves in Regional, National, International Languages and Multiplication tables along with a book to read by name “Punadipustakam, Bunyadikitab, Foundation book” in 3 languages Telugu, Hindi and English with basic worldly knowledge and a Copy Writing Book in 3 languages to practice writing on paper with pencil, “Aksharabhyas” Kit provided in a compact school bag, presently in Telugu, Hindi and English enclosed with three parts in seperete bags dividing in to three parts as below —

First Part contains 3 slates with 1 and 2 pages of letters in grooves in Telugu, Hindi and English; Second Part contains 3 slates out of which 2 slates with 3 & 4 pages in Telugu and Hindi and one slate of Multiplication Tables with 1 & 2 pages and the Third Part contains  “Punadipustakam, Bunyadikitab, Foundation book” and a Copy Writing Book to practice on paper with pencil, both in three languages, making the children self-confident with perfection in reading and writing of languages.


Why are the slates provided in grooves?

The slates are specially crafted where the letters of Alphabets are engraved in grooves, so that the children can practice without much assistance placing pencil in the grooves which moves freely for thorough practice hundreds and thousands of times by reading and writing till they learn the perfectly who can also write beautifully.

Can we use pen to write in slates?

No, only pencil can and shall be used for thorough practice in the grooves of the slate which runs smoothly and less expensive.


How are Aksharabhyas slates different from other slates?

Aksharabhyas slates are a green concept, light weight, unbreakable, non-soaking, washable, provided with grooves for accurate, legible and better practice. Can be practiced hundreds and thousands of times and useful for generations.


In which languages Aksharabhyas slates are available?

Aksharabhyas slates are presently available in English, Hindi, Telugu and multiplication tables. They will be made available in most of the Indian recognized languages in the near future.


How is copy writing book different from others?

Aksharabhyas Copy writing book comes with a better quality paper than available books in the market with more number of pages with more than 40 proverbs and sayings in each language and can be erased, written and practiced again and again giving better usage value of the product.


In how many languages the Foundation book is ready?

Presently in Telugu, Hindi & English languages i.e Regional, National and International languages and shall be available in other Indian languages.

Why the kit is divided in to three parts?

It is divided in to three parts in separate bags as First part, Second part and Third parts because the learning process involves two to three years at the primary level as the children have to be made perfect in each letter of the letter by reading and writing hundreds and thousands of times including Multiplication table. After perfectly learning the First part, the Second part shall be introduced and then after the Third part shall be introduced for reading book with worldly knowledge and writing on the paper. It is planned not get confused nor confuse the children.

How many languages Individual Copy writing books are available?

Presently individual Copy writing books are available in English, Hindi and Telugu with more than 140 pages with better quality paper to practice more number of times with pencil by erasing.

Can we buy individual slates, copy writing books or foundation book separately?

Yes, Individual language slates, multiplication tables slate, Foundation book and Copy writing book can be purchased separately.

Where can we purchase Aksharabhyas kits?

All enquiries may be made to —

M/s. Nalla Malla Reddy Publications Pvt. Ltd,


Near Narapally, at 16th K.M. from Hyderabad on Warangal Highway

Ghatkesar Mandal, Medchal District-500 088, TELANGANA. India,

Phones: 9133377095, 9133377096

e-mails:  info@aksharabhyas.com / nallamallareddypublications@gmail.com,

websites: www.aksharabhyas.com / www.nallamallareddypublications.com