We are Nalla Malla Reddy Publications Private Limited, a publishing house with social concern, particularly education which is the core of the human civilization, working as a catalyst for advancement, progress and prosperity of the nation and the world at large to live with harmony, with strides of advancement through quality education in unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

It is established by Sri Nalla Malla Reddy, an agriculturist, developer, builder and educationist, being Secretary of Nalla Malla Reddy Education Society, who is running QUALITY FIRST institutions, Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College, Nalla Malla Reddy Foundation School Nalla Malla Reddy Publication Private limited and Nalla Malla Reddy Aksharabhyas Trust at Divyanagar near Hyderabad in the State of Telangana.


“Learning device for beginners for thorough practice of letters of Alphabets by writing in grooves” is invented by Sri Nalla Malla Reddy and obtained Patent, being No.318141 dated 12-01-2016 granted on 13.08.2019.


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Though knowledge comes through interaction with the nature, surroundings, the populace with interaction in between the humans and essence of it is filtered and condensed becomes handy through education.  The difference between educated and the uneducated is – An educated can put on paper about the seen, observed, read, learnt, thought, ideas and innovations in a communicable, written format, passing  over it to others and preserving it for the future generations but the Uneducated can neither read nor capable to put on paper though having many of the above attributes.


Though thousands of crores of rupees are spent by the governments and the parents cumulatively, standards in education are at a very low ebb. Larger chunk of the students are dropping out from the schools and colleges failing to pursue higher levels of studies, though doors are open to them abundantly. Astonishingly, many students in high schools cannot read and write perfectly and also at higher levels without mistakes.


The reason is very simple. Proper foundation is not laid at the early stage of schooling. Books are introduced without perfection in reading and writing of the letters of Alphabets and without instilling self-confidence in the children.


In the good olden days people used to learn letters of Alphabets by practice on the sand with slender stick and on the wooden planks in the same manner and then after came the slate and chalk on which the teachers write the letters and the students used to trace on it.  Now, slates have almost disappeared. Note books have entered. Practice on paper is an eye wash and expensive. As “All that glitters is not gold”, note books and digital displays shall be of no use for thorough practice and one cannot practice more number of times on paper.  Nothing can displace the dictum “Practice makes perfect”. No perfection is devoid of practice.

There are many thoughts and theories on children’s education. What ever thought it is, it shall be of making the children learn the letters of Alphabets perfectly as there is no education without perfection in reading and writing.

Hence, our New Age device, that is slate with letters in groves, paperless, ecofriendly, saving the forests cutting for paper, unbreakable, durable and usable for generations with minimal expenditure on the writing tool, which is pencil only.