Majority of the students are lagging behind in reading and writing, dropping out in the middle and the continuing are obtaining marks and degrees, lacking quality of employability.

What is the use of constructing a building without Foundation?

Language is the base of Education, Alphabet is the base of Language without letters of Alphabet there is no language
within two to three years of joining in the school proper Foundation should be laid in the children
in reading and writing of letters of Alphabets perfectly.

To lay proper foundation in reading and writing of letters of alphabets, we have prepared slates with letters in grooves in Regional, National and International Languages and Multiplication tables.

They are different from the present slates

We all know that, Practice makes perfect, Letters in the grooves of slates can be traced with pencil by the children by reading and writing, writing and reading hundreds and thousands of times gets stored in their brains, hand gets habituated to write speedily in computer language letters enter the hard disc and the printer prints speedily.

Teachers have to do supervision only, Precious time of writing of letters with chalk by the teachers on each slate of the children is saved.

It is unbreakable, non-soaking and durable less expensive and paper less. No felling of trees for paper.

When Foundation is laid in reading and writing of letters of Alphabets, one can read books and write without mistakes.
After learning to read and write the letters perfectly, A book to read by name “Better Writng Book” in English a Copy Writing Book to practice writing on paper with pencil, with six(2) English and Mulptipliation tables slates with letters in grooves, “Aksharabhyas” is unveiled.

Uneducated elders also can learn easily with “Aksharabhyas”.

Multiplication Tables Slate is common to all, all over the world.