After proper foundation is laid in the letters of Alphabet by practicing hundreds and thousands of times in the grooves of the slates perfectly; a book by name “Punadipustakam, Bunyadikitab, Foundation book” in 3 languages Telugu, Hindi and English with basic worldly knowledge is shall be introduced.

Presently, the Foundation book with one in three languages, Telugu, Hindi & English — Regional, National and International languages — is available and shall be available added with each Regional language plus Hindi and English in the near future.


After laying perfect foundation in the children in the letters of the Alphabets by practicing with pencil on the slates; a three in one Copy writing book in Telugu, Hindi & English languages shall be introduced to write on paper with pencil as the future education is writing on the paper only.

Aksharabhyas Copy writing book is a single book with three languages in one, with better quality paper than available in the market with more number of pages each with more than 40 proverbs and sayings in three languages and can be erased, written and practiced again and again giving better usage value of the product.


It is single book with a single language. Presently available in English, Hindi and Telugu with more than 140 pages with more than 40 proverbs and sayings each with better quality paper to practice more number of times with pencil by erasing.