Handwriting helps Faster and Significantly better than Learning the through Typing or Watching Videos

It is the first step in a child`s Education, starting with learning the letters of Alphabets.

Letters make words, words make sentence, sentence makes sense which makes written language. Base of education is written language through which humans read, write, learn, acquire knowledge, preserve it for generations and also excel in their careers.

Like in a building, Education needs proper foundation at early childhood. For laying proper foundation in education, our mentor Sri Nalla Malla Reddy had invented “Learning device for beginners for thorough practice of letters of Alphabets by writing in grooves” (Patent No.318141). Keeping in view of the good old dictum “Practice makes perfect”, we made novel slates with letters of Alphabets depicted in grooves for practice with pencil hundreds and thousands of times by reading and writing, wherein, mouth utters, hand moves, ultimately enters the brain (Hard disc) storing permanently, laying perfect foundation enabling the children to read scripts and books and write correctly which is the basic and First stage in Education.


“HAND WRITING” boosts and activates more complex brain connectivity in learning and memory as put forth in “Neuron Science News, as per Mr. Audrey Van Der Meer, a brain researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and co-author of the study published in “Frontiers in Psychology”. “Such widespread brain connectivity is known to be crucial for memory formation and for encoding new information and therefore is beneficial for learning with careful forming of the letters with the movement of fingers when writing by using more use of the senses”

These novel slates replace the paper, unbreakable, washable, non-soaking, less expensive, eco-friendly, saves trees and forests from cutting for paper preserving the nature, durable and usable for generations. To make it reach the children through their parents, teachers, schools and general public, we have obtained Trademark certificate named as “AKSHARABHYAS” from the Registrar of Trade Marks, dated 5th June 2019, to propagate and render services for foundation in education in the children equipping with “Aksharabhyas Kits” consisting of 6 slates with grooves of letters in the front and back surfaces of the slates; i.e 2 slates each in Regional language and National language, (but only 1 slate each in Urdu and Kashmiri), 1 slate in English language and the 6th slate of Multiplication tables (beginners maths) for thorough practice by tracing with pencil to attain perfection in reading and writing the letters of Alphabets and numbers and also a book by name – Foundation book, with the above 3 languages with worldly knowledge to read and learn simultaneously and a Copy Writing Book in 3 languages for practice on paper with pencil as usage of paper is the only means for writing in future education.

Aksharabhyas Kit is enclosed with 3 small bags in it. Part 1 Bag – includes 3 slates (1 Regional, 1 National, and 1 English); Part 2 Bag – includes 3 slates (1 Regional, 1 National, and 1 Multiplication tables); Part 3 Bag – contains 2 books (1 Foundation book in 3 languages with similar contents, 1 Copywriting book in 3 languages with similar meaningful sayings) for systematic process of learning, one after the other parts to accomplish the first stage in education, which makes children self-confident resulting in meritorious in their future education.


Our Motto is to get our Nation and the World at large transformed into a knowledge society with well-educated, intelligent, learned, creative, self-confident, globally competent students with quality, curtail dropouts from schools and colleges and help out degradation of education from the present day churning out graduates and postgraduates with marks and degrees, lacking quality of employability and dignified employment suitable to the qualification nor capability of entrepreneurship.


Let us all introspect about the fallen standards in education and start afresh to lay solid foundation between 3 to 5 or 6 or 8 years for late learners i.e. pre-primary level itself, in the children by thorough practice of letters of the Alphabets including Mathematical Tables by reading and tracing in the grooves of the slates. Writing and reading in the grooves hundreds and thousands of times by learning one letter after the other makes them perfect which enables the children to read and write, building up self-confidence to excel and meritorious in their future education which results in a knowledge society with their accomplished education.

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